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  • Interactive Staff, Student and Parent Portals
  • Learning Management and Welfare System
  • Online Resource and Document Management
  • Comprehensive Class Management
  • Attendance, Assessment and Reporting
  • Behavioural and Incident Management
  • Student Attendance and Reporting Module
  • Student Welfare and Behavioural Tracking
  • SMS, Email and Alert Module
  • Staff, Student and Parent Portals
  • Professional Learning Sites
  • 24/7 Internal and External Access
  • My Personal Web Page
  • My Faculties, Sites and Contacts
  • My Interactive Communication Portal

iCAT is the culmination of more than 20 years of education based IT research and development.

A cutting edge Intranet and Learning Management System that enables staff, students and parents to communicate and work in real time 24/7.

LMS and Welfare, Content Management, Online Resources, Integrated Calendar, Mail and Communication, Quizzes, Surveys and much more.

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Utilise our on and off site management and support services to compliment your school's ICT operation.

Our support and consulting services are offered in a range of ways including: Technical Support, Network Support, Auditing and ICT Governance.

Our tailored approach has assisted many schools achieve their curriculum objectives. Contact us to discuss your ICT needs.

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New Yammer App for SharePoint! Embed your Yammer feeds into SharePoint 2013.

iCAT version 5 released! Underpinned by SharePoint 2013, iCAT v5 offers schools a rich set of collaborative tools for learning and welfare management.

A complete School Information System (SIS), hosting dynamic Staff, Student and Parent Portals, Welfare and an interactive Learning Management System.

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